Turkish Trade Mission participants

Polipark Inc. is organizing a Turkish Kitchenware Trade Mission to Canada in partnership with IDDMIB (Istanbul Ferrous & Non-Ferrous Metals Exporters' Association) in Turkey.

There will be B2B meeting events in Toronto and Montreal. The dates and venues for the events are as follows :

Toronto  : Tuesday, September 16th, 2014, 09:30 - 18:00 , Sheraton Hotel, Downtown, Toronto

Montreal : Thursday, September 18, 2014, Fairmont, The Queen Elizabeth Hotel, Montreal.

Below is the Turkish Kitchenware Company list that will participate in these events. Please take a look and submit your meeting request either by contacting us or self-register online through our web site.

Participant Name

Company Web Site


3D Glassware Decorative


Fused Glassware : functional, decorative (i.e. buffet group, clear items, colored items)

Avsar Enamel A.S.


Enamel Kitchenware : Porcelain Enamel Sets, Casseroles, Heavy Series, Special Stets, Mussel Pots, Milk Pots, Stock Pots, Sauce Pans, Coffee Pots, Cruet Sets, Deep Fryers, Enamel Trays, Storage Bowl Sets, Storage Boxes, Tea Pots, PorSteel.

Gondol Plastics


Plastic Kitchenware, Plastic Bathroom Accessories, Plastic Household Products, Plastic Food Server.

Hascevher Company


Pots and pressure cookers (tea pots, saucepans, cooking sets).

Lux Plastics


Plastic Kitchenware, Plastic Bathroom Accessories, Plastic Hangers, Plastic Door Stoppers, Latex Gloves, Kids' Stools.

Mehtap Kitchen Utensils


Kitchen utensils: stainless steel pots and pans, aluminum coated or Teflon coated cookware, food preparation products (blenders, mixers, and scales), cooking and frying equipment (deep fryers, toasters, sandwich toasters), drink preparation products (juicers, blenders, kettles, electric tea pots), cleaning product (vacuum cleaners), irons, personal care product (hair dryers, air humidifiers, scales).

Solmazer Ltd.


Tableware products, kitchenware and food storage items, kitchen tools, Home & Garden (flower pots),
Teknotel Chrome Household Products


Kitchen, bathroom and household items. Dish drainers, bath shelves, paper towel and toilet roll dispensers, hangers, soap holders, toothbrush holders.

Titiz Plastics


Plastic household items : hangers, bathroom and cleaning products, squeegees, multi-purpose brushes, dustpans, hand crumb brushes, kitchenware products, napkin and paper towel containers, sink and dish brushes, toilet brushes, plungers, floor brushes and brooms, promotional items.

Schedule your meetings with one or more companies online :


Toronto Meetings - September 16th, 2014 Tuesday : 
Montreal meetings  - September 18th, 2014 Thursday:

Additional information about Participant Companies attending Turkish Kitchenware Trade Delegation is avaliable here


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